Branded QR code pucksOrder today

Provide a fully branded customer experience with QR code pucks for your venue. We offer low profile acrylic pucks that fit on any table.

Increase revenue
Increase order volume by 40% per week when using branded QR code pucks, compared to using generic QR codes.
Smart Upsells
Add photos to your menu to utilise our AI-powered feature, Smart Upsells, and increase revenue by up to 15% per order.
Reduce costs
Reduce operational costs by up to 28% by using QR codes for dine-in.

Put together by our world-class design team

Our design team use your logo and brand colours to create an eye-catching design that your customers will love.

QR table ordering can see an increase of up to 30% in order size.Order now

What's the process?

Order received

Once we've received your order, our design team will start branding your pucks. Once we've designed your pucks, we will send them to you for approval.

Pucks are designed and approved

The pucks are then sent off to our production line.

Production complete

After the production team have printed and produced the branded pucks, they'll be shipped for delivery.

Order completed and delivered

Orders take 3-4 weeks from order received through to the order being delivered to the venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do these cost?

The branded pucks are $8 AUD each. No designer fees or added costs.

Do I have to use these pucks for dine-in only?

These branded QR code table pucks can be used to pickup or delivery too. We can also make posters, business cards, or any other marketing collateral. Reach out to us at and enquire today.

How long will my custom design take?

Our design team will create the designs for your tables pucks within the first couple of days, which then you'll have 48hrs to approve. The reason we have a two day approval window is so we can get your pucks produced as quickly as possible.

What logo file type do I need to provide?

Our design team prefer a vector version of your logo, for example an .SVG or .PDF format file. However, a high quality JPEG or PNG will work too.

How long does shipping take?

Most deliveries arrive within 2 weeks when delivered within Australia. International deliveries can take between 3-6 weeks, depending on where your venue is.

Is each table puck unique?

Yes. Each custom table puck has a unique QR code which helps eliminate human error for the customer ordering.

Do the pucks stick to the table?

Yes, the pucks come with an adhesive back to easily stick down to your tables. We do this so the pucks don't go missing or get stolen off the table.

I don't want to stick them to my table. What can I do instead?

Feel free to leave the adhesive cover on the back, so you don't need to stick them down.