A beautiful, digital, dine-in experience.

Increase revenue and save on operational costs, with QR code table ordering. Allow your staff to focus on the more meaningful interactions.

Smart Upsells
Increase revenue per order by up to 30% with AI-powered suggestions. Let your visually rich, interactive menu do the upselling for you.
Smart Batching
A new and intelligent feature that helps you optimise operations and reduce the clutter of multiple order dockets.
Age verification
Add age verification prompts and other requirements when customers are ordering alcohol.
Dine-in specific menu
Ability to have unique menus for different order types; dine-in, takeaway and delivery.
Auto-progress orders
Have your orders automatically progress, meaning less clutter in your POS.
Build your customer base
Say goodbye to manually capturing customer data. Get your customers to opt into your marketing database at checkout.

More revenue, with less overheads

Venues that enable dine-in and use QR code table-ordering, see an increase of up to 30% in order size, and a saving of up to 25% on operational costs.

Better ordering experiences on both sides of the counter

Customers can order and pay from their table using QR codes, freeing up your staff to create great customer experiences.

A secure and streamlined checkout

Your customers can order faster and easier using guest checkout and with the extra security of Apple Pay and Google Pay.

A branded dining experience

Provide a fully branded customer experience with branded QR code pucks. We offer low profile acrylic pucks that fit on any table.

Start using QR codes for dine-in today.