Commission-free delivery.On-demand.

Reach new customers with DoorDash Drive’s fleet of on‑demand delivery drivers.

Get started
Boost your profits
Fulfil more orders and avoid marketplace commission fees with our DoorDash Drive integration.
You set the price
Split the cost of delivery with your customers, or pass on the full amount.
You’re in full control
Customise your delivery hours and zones. Enable delivery when you need it, and turn it off when you don’t.
Risk-free delivery
DoorDash Drive handles overhead and liability so you don’t have to.
Reach more customers
Go beyond the reaches of your brick-and-mortar store by offering delivery up to 10km away.
Real-time tracking
Provide your customers with real-time delivery tracking, right from your online store.

Increase sales, not menu prices.

You no longer have to inflate menu prices to compensate for expensive commission fees. Keep your customers happy with consistent and transparent pricing.

for the first 3km
per additional km
commission fees
Prices are exclusive of GST.
How it works
Order received
When you accept a delivery order, a DoorDash job is created so that a driver can be assigned and scheduled for dispatch.
Order picked up
The DoorDash driver picks up the order and heads to the delivery address, while your customer tracks the delivery in real-time from your online storefront.
Order delivered
The DoorDash driver delivers the order on behalf of your store.

Tap into the world's largest on-demand delivery network.

Whether you're using in-house drivers or DoorDash Drive to deliver your orders, the customer experience looks and feels the same — an extension of your own service.

Start reaching new customers, today.

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Request access to DoorDash Drive from the integrations area within Store Manager.
Our team will reach out to assist with preparing your store for delivery with DoorDash Drive.