Create forever relationships with first-time customers

Keep customers coming back, and reward repeat purchases with Loyalty.

Loyalty that runs on auto-pilot

Earn points
Customers earn points with every order.
Track progress
Customers can track their progress.
Easy adoption
No punch card printing, or external loyalty accounts to manage.
Always free
It's a free add-on to all Bopple Storefronts.
Drives repeat visits and customers coming back.
Easy to use
A simple, turnkey loyalty solution for your business.

A seamless customer experience

We’ve integrated loyalty with your Bopple store so customers can earn loyalty points, see their balance, and effortlessly redeem rewards for discounts during checkout.

Encourage customers to keep coming back

Reward your customers with every order and maintain high levels of customer retention.

A powerful addition to the Bopple platform

  • Built-in to your online ordering experience
  • Effortless one-time setup
  • Seamless, contactless customer experience
  • Supported across all apps and devices
  • Flexible for businesses of all sizes
  • Turnkey loyalty solution