Smart Order BatchingBy Bopple

Smart Batching automatically combines multiple orders from the same table together, while still allowing your guests to order and pay individually.

Less Dockets
An intelligent feature that helps you optimise operations and reduce the clutter of multiple order dockets by up to 58%.
Smart Technology
Smart Batching automatically identifies when customers are in a group, using AI technology.
Cart Detection
Smart Batching happens dynamically based on the interactions the group is having with your digital menu and adding items to their cart.

Ease your operational workflow

Let Smart Batching do the hard work behind the scenes, allowing your staff to focus on prepping the orders and being able to work more efficiently.

How it works
A group of customers sit at one table
Kelly starts placing her order
Tristan starts placing his order

As soon as Tristan starts placing his order and adding items to his cart, Smart Batching is activated automatically and monitors the table for other orders

Melissa starts placing her order
Both Melissa and Kelly complete their orders

Smart Batching recognises that Tristan still has items in his cart, using Active Cart Detection.

Then, Tristan completes his order
Smart batching works its magic

In the background, Smart Batching has consolidated each order into one docket for easy operational and kitchen management.

The world's most advanced order batching

Order Batching is the process of combining orders from the same group sitting at the same table into one order. Meaning your kitchen or bar only has to handle one docket per group, rather than one docket per customer.

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